What is ‘Talks inspired by HB Reavis’?

The more we talk, the better the results

Talks is an inspirational conference series bursting with innovative ideas and learnings
from industry thought leaders that will shift the boundaries of your knowledge.

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Tuesday 13th November

The inspiring Talks series are created by


Our inspirational speakers from the first London edition of Talks inspired by HB Reavis in May 2018



Google X

Chief Business Officer,
entrepreneur, author

Topic: Solve for Happy

Mo joined Google in 2007 and has worked on innovative projects within the Emerging Trends market, including self-drive cars and balloon-powered global internet. Mo has spoken widely on this topic, including on Channel 4 News.



The Future Laboratory

CEO of one of the world’s leading future consultancies

Topic: Neo-Kinship

Trevor has worked with many of the world’s leading brands and presented to industry conferences and company events on topics including future consumers, travel and technology.



The Sound Agency

Sound and communication expert and advisor to a long list of influential brands

Topic: Designing with your ears

Julian’s five TED talks have been watched over 50 million times, with his last being the most watched TED talk of all time. He has been featured in TIME Magazine, The Economist, BBC and The Times.


Dr Nerina


Physiologist, sleep and stress management expert

Topic: Tired but Wired

Nerina is a physiologist who specialises in maximising individual and organisational performance through improved wellbeing, balance, and vitality. She has spent over two decades combining her expertise in physiology and psychology to illustrate that everyone can live a more fulfilling life by nurturing their minds and bodies.


Attending the Talks London event is by invitation only.
Should you have any questions regarding the Talks event,
please do not hesitate to contact us at uk@hbreavis.com