Thank you to those who attended Talks inspired by HB Reavis on 1st October at 8 Northumberland Avenue.

Talks inspired by HB Reavis is an inspirational conference series bursting with innovative ideas and learnings from industry thought leaders that will shift the boundaries of your knowledge. We endeavour to challenge thinking and open minds!


Tim Rowe

Cambridge Innovation Center, USA

Topic: Building effective startup ecosystems
Founder and CEO of Cambridge Innovation Center, a world expert in building and developing innovation centres.

Mark Post

Chief Scientific Officer, Mosa Meat

Topic: Meet new meat
Revolutionising the meat market, Mark is best-known for the creation of the world's first beef burger grown from animal cells. Mark has dedicated his time to the development of a new method to make real meat in a sustainable, healthy and animal-friendly and founded Mosa Meat in 2016 to bring the unique product to supermarket shelves.

Lara Marrero

Principal & Global Retail Practice Leader, Gensler

Topic: Lifestyle, meet workstyle
From strategist to speaker, Lara is an expert in marketing, retail and innovation. Together with her exposure and experience of the retail market, Lara’s approach to strategy is unique and her passion on translating consumer insights into meaningful engagements is authentic.

Tomas Melisko

Head of Symbiosy, HB Reavis

Topic: ‘Indoor generation’ buildings: the evolution of intelligent buildings and their impact on work
Tomas is an expert in smart buildings and Head of Symbiosy at HB Reavis. Symbiosy: the tech and sensory platform provides insights into user experience, space utilisation and environmental factors, with the aim to improve occupier productivity and wellness and to inform future workspace design and function based on user needs.

Gabor Forgacs

Physicist, innovator, entrepreneur

Topic: Organ Printing – present & future perspectives

The scientific founder of Organovo and Modern Meadow and pioneers building living structures using bioprinting.

Doug Stephens

Internationally acclaimed retail and consumer futurist

Topic: Reengineering Retail

His intellectual work and thinking have influenced many of the world’s best-known retailers, agencies and brands.

Liv Boeree

Team PokerStars pro, astrophysicist and philanthropist

Topic: Decision making under uncertainty

Science and ethics commentator, and European Poker Tour winner with £3.7 million live tournament earnings. 

Tom Cassidy

Coach and training specialist

Topic: Boosting your productivity
With a background in Psychology and Banking and having worked with some of the biggest companies all over the world, Tom works with senior executives and leadership teams to turbo-charge their effectiveness and communication.

Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan

Physiologist, sleep and stress management expert

Topic: Tired but Wired
Nerina is a physiologist who specialises in maximising individual and organisational performance through improved wellbeing, balance, and vitality. She has spent over two decades combining her expertise in physiology and psychology to illustrate that everyone can live a more fulfilling life by nurturing their minds and bodies.

Julian Treasure

The Sound Agency Sound and communication expert and advisor to a long list of influential brands

Topic: Designing with your ears
Julian’s five TED talks have been watched over 50 million times, with his last being the most watched TED talk of all time. He has been featured in TIME Magazine, The Economist, BBC and The Times.

Mo Gawdat

Google X Chief Business Officer, entrepreneur, author

Topic: Solve for Happy
Mo joined Google in 2007 and has worked on innovative projects within the Emerging Trends market, including self-drive cars and balloon-powered global internet. Mo has spoken widely on this topic, including on Channel 4 News.

Trevor Hardy

The Future Laboratory CEO of one of the world’s leading future consultancies

Topic: Neo-Kinship
Trevor has worked with many of the world’s leading brands and presented to industry conferences and company events on topics including future consumers, travel and technology.


Dallas Campbell

Science and Technology Presenter Dallas Campbell, face of National Geographic’s Positive Energy and author of Ad Astra: An illustrated guide to leaving the planet, will be this season’s Talks host.

Innovation Fair



Nettle build Artificial Intelligence driven conversational platforms that use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to analyse, understand and derive meaning from unstructured text.


We boost the office experience and well-being. Symbiosy is a virtual twin of your workspace, bringing insights into interactions, space utilisation & the office environment.


Luster is a guest-generated hashtag mosaic, interact with #talksbyheavis to become part of the bigger picture.


SHIELD hit the market in 2015 and since then has been developing apparel which blocks electromagnetic waves and blue light. Considered as the 21st Century‘s most functional tin foil hat, SHIELD is pionering the techfashion market.  


Discover how scents and smells can affect a consumer’s behaviour.


Understand the way people think and feel through emotion recognition technology.


A revolutionary medical VR experience providing a unique insight into the human anatomy.


A visualisation house specializing in Architecture, Arts and Culture, VMI will demo the power of AR, VR and real-time experiences.


The first 3D printed enduro e-bike.


A unique musical instrument, which lets you try composing your own music.

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